The Risen Christ is the Hope of Christians

By: Lindsey Kettner, Relevant Radio®


Pope Francis held his Wednesday General Audience on this chilly and blustery morning in St. Peter’s Square. “Today, during the audience, the Holy Father had to hold onto his zucchetto more than once to make sure that it didn’t blow away,” laughs Ashley Noronha, Relevant Radio® Rome Correspondent and host of Relevant in Rome. “But that did not stop people from flooding the square, and of course, what we’re seeing is a lot of folks who have come specifically to celebrate Easter and the Easter Octave in Rome.”

“The Holy Father, during his catechesis, continued his discussion of hope. He said to everyone in the square today to remember that Christ is alive, that Christ is risen! And that our Faith was born again on Easter morning,” says Noronha.

This is a continuation of his series of catechesis on the theme of hope. “With that in mind, as we look back at the Pope’s catechesis over these many weeks during Lent leading up to this day, he had us constantly reflecting, looking towards the Resurrection. And talking about how that is from where our hope comes,” says Noronha. “He called the Risen Christ our Hope. That is the hope of all Christians.”

“He spoke about people who’ve had these up-close, mystical experiences with Christ. He spoke about St. Peter … the apostles … St. Paul. And how that changed them, how they were converted by their meetings with Christ. He pointed out that having these encounters with Christ often comes as a surprise to us, like St. Paul on the road to Damascus, and yet, if our hearts are open, they are ready to accept that grace,” says Noronha.

She continued, “The Holy Father called out the words of St. Paul in 1 Corinthians 15, verse 55: ‘Death, where is your victory? Death, where is your sting?’ The Holy Father has asked those words to be our heartfelt cry throughout this Easter season.”