Take the first steps towards peace, says Pope Francis

By: Lindsey Kettner, Relevant Radio®

Pope Francis just returned from his 5-day Apostolic Journey to Colombia and held his weekly general audience this morning in Saint Peter’s Square. During his visit to Colombia, the Holy Father sustained a small injury to his face when the Popemobile made an abrupt stop. He had a couple of stitches and has a large black eye from the bump.

“It really does stand out, even though his glasses hid it just a little bit during the audience today. And there was a bandage placed over his stitches but he certainly seemed to be in good spirits,” reports Ashley Noronha, Relevant Radio Vatican Correspondent. “His voice sounded a little bit tired today after all of the travelling that he’s been up to, but of course he was very much on fire to talk about the fruits of his trip to Colombia.”

Pope Francis spoke frequently in Colombia about taking the first steps. “The concept was to be the first to reach out to your brothers and sisters in peace. He spoke while in Colombia especially to the young, and today he did as well, speaking about the fact that the future of that country is in the hands of the youth and what a responsibility that the youth have then to take those first steps towards peace. And to do it through what he called human promotion and the defense of human rights and of course, all of this along the path to peace,” says Noronha.

During his final greeting to the Colombian people, he urged them to continue to work towards peace. “He wants that same message to be heard around the world, how we are all called to take the first step in bringing love, justice, and truth to everyone around us.”