Stepping outside of the proverbial comfort zone

By: Lindsey Kettner, Relevant Radio®

Step out of your comfort zone! As an incredibly cliché phrase in the English language, this advice often gets ignored or brushed aside, but it can be an important part of our spiritual lives.

“I think we all get a little surprised when we get that special call from God to try something beyond what we’re ready for,” says licensed independent clinical social worker, Kim Morgan. This might include being put into uncomfortable situations of standing up for the Faith or speaking up to evangelize, or even a call from God to a complete change in vocation.

When you’re put in those situations, Morgan recommends that the first thing you do is pray. You’ll be better prepared if you have a good relationship with God and the saints. Ask the saints for help, “there are other people out there who have done very terrifying things, that have gone into battle for the Church or have gone way beyond their comfort zones, and those saints in heaven can be there to help us.”

Next time you feel a nudge from God to do something that might frighten you a bit, try using your nervous energy and channeling it into what you are afraid to do. Have faith and trust in God that He will be with you. As Morning Air® co-host Glen Lewerenz said, Peter probably didn’t wake up that morning thinking he would be walking on water!