Prayers Urgently Needed for an End to Terrorism

By: Lindsey Kettner, Relevant Radio®

Pope Francis shares two prayer intentions each month: one that he has selected in advance, and one ‘urgent intention’ that is shared on the first Sunday of the month. On Pentecost Sunday, the Holy Father spoke about his urgent intention for the month of June, something that “was very much on his mind”, says Father James Kubicki, National Director for the Apostleship of Prayer.

The Pope asked us to pray for “peace and healing in our world, specifically that the Holy Spirit would grant peace to the entire world. That He would heal the wounds of war and terrorism, which most recently struck innocent civilians in London,” says Fr. Kubicki.

“Let us pray for the victims of the terrible tragedy,” implored the Holy Father. Sadly, the evening news is frequently filled with reports of violence and terrorism. Fr. Kubicki says that although this could be a prayer intention every month, it is clear that this was particularly on Pope Francis’ mind on Pentecost Sunday.

“We have to discern spirits, and the spirit of hopelessness and despair—that is not the Holy Spirit. God never uses discouragement … to motivate us because what happens when we experience that movement in our hearts is we tend to give up,” says Fr. Kubicki. But as the Holy Father has been speaking about in his general weekly audiences, “the Holy Spirit is the one that brings us hope.”

There is no reason to give in to despair, despite the tragedies that happen in the world. “If we are feeling hopeless or want to give up, that’s when we have to recognize that’s the evil spirit tempting us to no longer trust in God. We have to always reject that temptation to hopelessness, turn to God, and say, ‘Lord, I believe that you can make good come from bad.”