Natural disasters: what can we do?

By: Lindsey Kettner, Relevant Radio®


When our brothers and sisters are preparing for or rebuilding after major natural disasters, we want to help. But what can we do? “One of the Catholic social teaching elements is called solidarity,” says Fr. James Kubicki, Jesuit priest and regular contributor to Morning Air®. It’s easy for those of us in different areas of the country to disconnect from our brothers and sisters who are facing these devastating disasters, but it’s important that we don’t.

“What was really amazing with Harvey was how many people around the country came together to want to help in various ways. And I think now as people in Florida are planning for Irma to hit possibly in that area, we can pray that this hurricane would be diverted, that it would go up the coast and back into the ocean rather than hit land. I think that’s a good prayer to pray,” says Fr. Kubicki.

“But also to pray for our brothers and sisters there for their safety, and to pray for the victims. So many people have already been affected: have lost their houses and have lost their lives. To pray for those in the Caribbean islands who have lost so much already,” says Fr. Kubicki.

Prayer is an important way to help in a seemingly hopeless situation. “When crises come our way, we tend to work harder rather than pray harder, but in many cases what we’re called to do it to pray harder,” explains Fr. Kubicki. “If we all came together in an act of surrender and trust, it would help all of us, especially those in the path of the hurricane to be prepared also spiritually for it, looking at this as another opportunity to put our trust in God.”

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