Relevant Radio® App


New Features on the Relevant Radio App Update:

New "Confession Helper" in the PRAY menu includes: How to Make a Good Confession, an Examination of Conscience, Prayers Before and After Confession, and an Act of Contrition. You can access these and all of our text prayers without an internet connection!

The Holy Mass, Relevant Rewind, Relevant in Rome, The Harry Kraemer Podcast: From Values to Action, and Encounter.

MORE VIDEOS! Rome Reports and GoodStreams have been added to our Video Section.

video 2


To download the free Relevant Radio app on your smartphone or tablet, search ‘Relevant Radio’ in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and If you already have the Relevant Radio app, be sure to update to the new version to gain access to these great new features!

• Faster connection to live streaming. See what’s on air now and what’s coming up next.
• Start your day right with the Morning Offering audio on the new Alarm Clock.
• Get the latest news in the Church and around the world.
• Improved Podcast Player - 10 second fast-forward and rewind, full descriptions of the shows.
• Over 100 text prayers with beautiful art. Accessible without internet connection.





If you have any questions or ideas about the app, we'd love to hear them!  Contact us HERE.